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In 1912 was the first inauguration of the Old Fire Station in the northeast of Berlin. Hundreds of fire and emergency services have started many years from here.
nevertheless, at that time, one also often found enough opportunities to celebrate parties in this building.
In the Second World War the house was partially destroyed. But short time later, after the reconstruction, it further served his original purpose.
In 1952 there was a brief closing of the fire station. However, only few months after it was used as a camp and then also as a police station.
A few years passed and the former fire station got a new job. these rooms provided the luxury cars of Erich Honecker, a new home.
On the 6th of May, 2000 it was time.
the OLD FIRE STATION and restaurant & bar GARAGE, opened its gates.

Today between those walls, you can enjoy our refined Mediterranean cuisine in a nostalgic atmosphere.

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